Client Testimonials

“The individuals at Management Solution have helped hospitals in challenging geographical areas to secure staff and services needed to operate our hospital effectively. They have an understanding the California market like no other company.”
California Hospital CFO
“I am writing this letter of reference in support of Management Solution’s bid for on-site medical registry services network management provider for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. For the past 2 years, California Medical Facility (CMF) has experienced vacancies in approximately ⅓ of our physician/surgeon positions. This has resulted in significant challenges to our ability to provide timely care to our inmate-patient population. While we continue to aggressively interview for permanent civil servant physician/surgeons, we also began working more extensively with Management Solution. I have been impressed with their ability to provide short-term solutions to our staffing deficiencies. If not for the registry physicians and advanced practice professionals they identified, we would not have been able to continue meeting the needs of our inmate patient population. I would like to specifically mention the outstanding customer service that has been provided by Tabitha Ford, EVP of Management Solution. Ms. Ford is always responsive to both emails and telephone calls. She routinely keeps in touch with us to monitor for our potential staffing needs. She has diligently identified potential clinicians, and has done an excellent job at shepherding them through the process. It has been a pleasure working with Management Solution and their representative Tabitha Ford. I strongly support Management Solution’s bid to continue this contract with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.”
Chief Medical Executive at California Medical Facility
“I have worked directly with all of the leadership at Management Solution and can validate my positive experience. The people at Management Solution make the difference because they have been directly involved in operations and understand the hospital business. They have a full understanding of hospital staffing, compliance and cost controls. They helped my department obtain highly qualified staff and services during a sensitive time. They integrated our current services and brought in new services. In the challenging world of Cath Lab not many people have the experience to do this. They directly helped me eliminate high cost procedure based billing by sharing solutions that they have seen work in other hospitals.”
California Hospital Cath Lab Director
“The principals at Management Solution have exceptional customer service in the extremely challenging world of surgery. Dynamic volumes, changing workforce, competition for the same resources. I always knew I could count on the principals at Management Solution to find the resources I desperately needed. The cost savings and process improvements were impeccable and the people I dealt were always available after hours."
California Hospital Surgery Director
“The staff on the Management Solution team have worked hard to deliver a strong vendor management service to our hospital. They are honest, hardworking and have an extensive background in hospital staffing and vendor relations. They were directly responsible for the results at our hospital and I will continue to refer them to hospitals in need.”
California Hospital CNO
“The management team from Management Solution has extensive experience with contingent workforce management. They are directly responsible for cost saving and compliance improvements in my department. They always come through in a crunch and understand the Allied staffing world which few companies can say.”
California Hospital Radiology Director
“The professionals on the Management Solution team have proven themselves to be an asset to our organization. They brought significant improvements to our staffing office and other departmental operational functions. They are experts in staffing, consolidation and cost-effective quality care. The results achieved by these individuals have helped our organization save money and ensure our staffing needs were met for the entire hospital.”
California Hospital HR Director
“I am writing this letter of reference in support of Management Solution’s bid for on-site medical registry services network management provider for CDCR. As you know, there is an extreme shortage of providers – recruitment is a complex and time-consuming process requiring ability and expertise. I am happy to say that Management Solutions has been able to perform in a difficult environment and produced results. I find them to be responsive and attentive to our situation at CHCF. I fully support their bid to continue contract services for CDCR.”
CEO at California Health Care Facility Stockton
“I have worked directly with all of the management team at Management Solution and their experience in staffing contract labor, purchased services and compliance in exceptional. They understand the urgent need for good staff and how to manage the process from beginning to end. They make recommendations based on shared best practices and cost effective solutions that have helped our organization.”
California Hospital ER Director
“I have direct experience with the staff at Management Solution and they have proven to be reliable, knowledgeable and service driven. They know the hospital business and have extensive experience in hospital-wide management and staffing. I would recommend them highly!”
California Hospital EVS Director
“I worked closely with the individuals from Management Solution and had a great experience. They are professional and always come through in a time of need. Our staffing needs were met with qualified, compliant candidates. They understood our problems and were directly responsible for solutions to help us fix them. They educated us on compliance and quality assurance which was an area we needed to understand better. They work with people very well and will bring outstanding results.”
California Hospital HIM Director
“I have direct experience with the people working for Management Solution and they are great. They have a great deal of experience in the overall hospital and the vendor services operation. This is what makes them stand out; they bring both things to the table and have delivered on every promise.”
California Hospital Rehab Service Manager
“I highly recommend the people at Management Solution because I have direct experience with their ability to deliver savings and process enhancements. They actually understand the data they are delivering because they have extensive experience in the healthcare sector. Many companies can say they deliver these things but these people were actually in the line of fire onsite and became a part of our team.”
California Hospital Decision Support Director
“I have worked with all of the leadership at Management Solution for several years and they are experienced in many different areas. Most importantly they understand the California hospital market and the need for staff and services 24/7. They have always come through in a time of need and have urgency in their service delivery. I highly recommend this team because people make the difference.”
Southern California Hospital Staffing Director

Vendor Testimonials

“Management Solutions has been nothing short of excellent when it comes to providing impeccable service to its vendors. The support team, staffers and credentialing team do a great job partnering with us and our candidates. They go above and beyond to make sure we have the support we need to complete the job. I have been in Healthcare staffing for the past 7 years and I can honestly say they’re the #1 VMS system I have ever worked with!”
VP Sales & Production

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