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We offer a unique combination of skills, resources and processes that set us apart from the competition. Learn more about why Management Solution is the right choice for your contingent workforce management needs.

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Key Benefits Set Us Apart

Management Solution is not a staffing company, although we have extensive staffing industry experience. This allows us the freedom to negotiate competitive rates on behalf of our clients, with no vested interest or hidden agenda. You receive the benefit of our extensive knowledge, well established industry affiliations and seasoned negotiation skills with leading staffing vendors nationwide.

Relationships truly count!  Our company’s structure allows our clients immediate access to our executive leadership. We are uniquely situated to service all size organizations and quickly respond to changing conditions, regulations and needs.

Organizations working with Management Solution often gain a substantial amount of savings by streamlining their workforce development process.

We are experts in all aspects of medical staffing in the State of California, in both the government and private sectors. Grounded in the economic and regulatory reality of both markets, we can tailor a program to suit the specific requirements of multi-regional organizations.

A workforce management program is a dynamic force, continually evolving to meet the changing workforce needs of your business. We’re with you for the long haul, adjusting, expanding and enhancing your program, year after year.

A contingent workforce is a solid strategy for filling the gaps in your workforce talent pool, but it brings operational, financial and legal risks. We are a recognized leader in helping organizations reduce cost and complexity while mitigating risk. Clients can truly benefit from workforce development and management. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your workforce challenges and to develop a customized solution for your organization.  

I have worked directly with all of the leadership at Management Solution and can validate my positive experience. The people at Management Solution make the difference because they have been directly involved in operations and understand the hospital business. They have a full understanding of hospital staffing, compliance and cost controls. They helped my department obtain highly qualified staff and services during a sensitive time. They integrated our current services and brought in new services. In the challenging world of Cath Lab not many people have the experience to do this. They directly helped me eliminate high cost procedure based billing by sharing solutions that they have seen work in other hospitals.

California Hospital Cath Lab Director

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