About Management Solution, LLC

Management Solution LLC provides healthcare organizations with a full-service, on or off site programs to manage workforce activity since 2012.

Our comprehensive program streamlines staffing service by consolidating all parts of the process:

Management Solution helps healthcare organizations increase the quality and transparency of their vendor staff and services, while decreasing overall costs through controlled contingent labor utilization.

Using a client-customized network of highly qualified vendor professionals, our program satisfies ever-changing workforce demands and delivers a wide variety of staffing resources through a consolidated medical care system, ensuring greater efficiency and flexibility.

Additionally, our strategic vendor management solutions provide clients with further benefits, and we take pride in providing high-quality, optimal management services to our clients and vendor partners, driven by integrity and good faith business practices.


Firstly, working directly with all of Management Solution’s leadership, I confidently validate their positive impact on my department. Specifically, their direct involvement in operations and deep understanding of the hospital business proved invaluable in providing expertise in hospital staffing, compliance, and cost controls. Moreover, they seamlessly integrated our services and introduced new ones to enhance our offerings. Notably, in the challenging world of Cath Lab, their experience and expertise were particularly valuable. Lastly, they helped me eliminate high cost procedure-based billing by sharing effective solutions from other hospitals, saving us significant costs.

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