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Our vendor network will help you find your next healthcare job.

We help California licensed healthcare professionals locate their ideal work assignment.

Through a Management Solution network vendor, you can expect…

  • Worksites that match your skills, experience and interest
  • Paid travel, housing and local transportation  
  • Help with licensure and credentialing  
  • Competitive compensation

Current positions available through our network programs

Healthcare organizations across the State of California consult with us to develop and strengthen their contingent workforce. We’ll put these relationships to work for you to find your next healthcare job opportunity.

Positions We Help Staff Through Our Vendor Networks

Clinical Lab Scientist
Registered Dietitian
Certified Nursing Assistant
Licensed Vocational Nurse
Registered Nurse
Occupational Therapy
Pharmacist in Charge
Pharmacy Technician

Physical Therapist
Radiologic Technician
Speech Language Pathologist
Respiratory Care Practitioner
Primary Care Physician
Physician Assistant
Nurse Practitioner
Medical Assistant
Licensed Psychiatric Technician

Certified Dental Technician
Dental Hygienist
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Registered Dental Assistant
Recreational Therapist

Getting Started

To start, search the jobs we have available on our job board.

After searching our job board, if you find a job that is suitable for your skills, submit your contact details in order to start the process for prequalification.

We will match you with one of our vendors who will review your credentials and past experience and discuss the many opportunities available. This will get you ready to make a great contribution to one of our outstanding client organizations.

The professionals on the Management Solution team have proven themselves to be an asset to our organization. They brought significant improvements to our staffing office and other departmental operational functions. They are experts in staffing, consolidation and cost-effective quality care. The results achieved by these individuals have helped our organization save money and ensure our staffing needs were met for the entire hospital.

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